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Lakeland Book of the Year 2017 - Shortlist (in alphabetical order):

An A-Z of Cumbria and The Lake District on Film  By David Banning
Carlisle's First Learning Centre: Tullie House  By  Denis Perriam & David Ramshaw
Donald Campbell: 300+ A Speed Odyssey  By  David De Lara
Encounters with Wainwright  By  David Johnson
How to Measure a Cow  By Margaret Forster
Nowt But A Fleein' Thing  By Al Phizacklea & Mike Cocker
Stop for Breakfast  By Simon Temple-Bennett
The Dog of Memory  By Helen Farish
The Green Tin Box  By Maurice Dybeck
The Lakeland Dales  By Robert Gambles
The Marches  By Rory Stewart
There is No Map in Hell  By Steve Birkinshaw
Towards Mellbreak  By Marie-Elsa Bragg
Traditional Food in Cumbria  By Peter Brears
Wild Flowers of Britain  By Margaret Erskine Wilson

Here is a complete list of entries for the 2017 awards:

Charlotte Mason Hidden Heritage by Margaret A Coombs
Sedbergh and District 1914 - 1918 edited by Diane Elphick
Swallows, Amazons and Coots by Julian Lovelock
The Dog of Memory by Helen Farish
Encounters with Wainwright by David Johnson
The Sound of Musicals by Graham Whelan
My Cup Runneth Over by Steve Shearwater
An Improving Prospect by David Johnson
Judith Wants to be Your Friend by Annie Weir
Isabella's Book by Dr Alison Mukherjee
Joe and Storm Desmond by Sue Fox
Katie and the Floods by Sue Fox
Picking at the Knott by Sarah Hampton
In the Cold of the Night by Andrew Bibby
Ulverston: An English Market Town by Helen Shacklady
Kay's Ark by Kerry Darbishire
The Marches by Rory Stewart
Carlisle's First Learning Centre: Tullie House by Denis Perriam and David Ramshaw
Rhymes and Recollections of a Lakeland Lad by Len Hayton
A Fellwalker's Notes by John Swanson
New Writings in Oor Auld Dialect edited by Louise Green
The Green Tin Box by Maurice Dybeck
A Passion for Whitehaven by Margaret Crosby
Fatal Reckoning by Ruth Sutton
Two Tuxedos and Five Peas on a Plate by Josie Close
Dear Margaret edited by M Scott-Parker
The Year 1070 - Survival by Rod Flint
Joseph Hardman Lakeland Photographer 1893 - 1972 by Anne Bonney
The Long Road by Dave Lodge
Lucky - A Dog's Tale by Dave Lodge (and Lucky)
Nowt But A Fleein' Thing by Al Phizacklea and Mike Cocker
Educating Newhouses and Beyond by Colin McCourt & Jenni Lister
Lakeland Folk Tales for Children by Taffy Thomas MBE
Thurnams - A 192 Year History by John Barrie and Peter Leslie
The Pity of War by David King
When the War is Over by Barbara Fox
My Acoustic Nemesis by Russell Holden
The History of RAF Millom by John Nixon
The Fickle Tides of Treason by Jerry Bennett
The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal by Gretchen Cornwall
Rucksack Tales by J M Moore
The Derwentwater Disaster: 12th August 1898 by Ray Greenhow
Let the Tale Unfold by the Gateway Memories Group
A New History of Penrith: Book 1 The Central Fells by Michael A Mullett
Pencil People: The Story of a Lakeland Industry by Thomas Fletcher Smith
The Craig Windermere by Geoffrey Fallows
Traditional Food in Cumbria by Peter Brears
A Wet Thursday Afternoon by Terence Ted Beckett
Peg the Red by Wendy Ellwood
The Druid of Skells by Anthea Jackson
Donald Campbell: 300+ A Speed Odyssey by David de Lara
A Very Cumbrian Murder by Douglas Richard Binstead
The Lakeland Dales by Robert Gambles
An A-Z of Cumbria and the Lake District on Film by David Banning
Stop for Breakfast by Simon Temple-Bennett
Native of Eskdale by Margaret Armstrong Elliot
A Native Breed: Starting a Lake District Hill Farm by Andrea Meanwell
There is No Map in Hell by Steve Birkinshaw
Wild Flowers of Britain Month by Month by Margaret Erskine Wilson
Professor William Knight 1836 - 1916 edited by Melissa Mitchell
Running Hard: The Story of a Rivalry by Steve Chilton
Wainwright's Walking Guide to the Lake District Fells by Clive Hutchby
William Wordsworth: A Biography by The Wordsworth Trust
Beatrix Potter's Lake District by Vivienne Crow
Towards Mellbreak by Marie-Elsa Bragg
How to Measure a Cow by Margaret Forster

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